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Green India Project is a global movement launched by Sardar Manmeet Singh.

- Sardar Manmeet Singh
(Green Man Of India)

Welcome to Green India Project, an organization founded by Sardar Manmeet Singh with the vision of transforming India into a greener and more sustainable nation. Our roots lie in the beautiful state of Karnataka, specifically in the district of Bidar, where our journey towards a greener India began.


Our mission is to spearhead a nationwide movement of tree planting, restoration, and conservation efforts that actively combat pollution and climate change. Through strategic partnerships, community engagement, and sustainable practices, we aim to plant millions of trees across India, transforming urban landscapes, revitalizing ecosystems, and inspiring a sense of environmental stewardship among citizens.


The vision of the Green India Project is to create a pollution-free India by planting and nurturing a thriving network of trees throughout the country. Our goal is to restore and preserve the natural environment, improve air quality, and promote ecological balance. Through our dedicated efforts, we aim to create a sustainable future where every city in India is filled with green spaces, creating a healthier and more livable environment for all.
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